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I just want to make a Wiener joke….

Alas, the Daily Show has come up with the best ones already. In my opinion, problems in this world abound….The Weather,….The War(s)….The Economy and the National Debt….Ignorance….Touchy Feely stuff I don’t care about….Looming Biblical Apocalyptic Prophecy….Some surprises the prophets didn’t tell us about….The undermining of the constitution and Bill of Rights….Undermining of Property and Privacy rights…The Lack of Interest in finding the answers to Life, The Universe and Everything…Nuclear Arms attached to the wrong hands….Terror…The Out of Control Regulatory Agencies(This means you NTSB and EPA…FDA…etc.) …Out of Control Legislative, Judicial, and Executive Powers….Lack of support for Israel…French People….Incomplete summaries of what is wrong with the world!!! I have no fears of only one thing, The Jewish Conspiracy to Control The world. And French Attack Helicopters. I am saddened by Glenn Beck leaving Fox News. I fear Haarp, or is that Aarp, not sure. But, in closing, I do think in this world of mass media that God gives us purpose. This purpose may be a single moment in contrast to lengthy periods of seeming lack of purpose. I say this in reference to Rep. Wiener. It just makes me chuckle..,.That may be a seemingly small purpose, but it is purpose.

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