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Atlas Shrugged and went back to work

In my understanding of Ayn Rand, I have found that she is cold and unforgiving, but at least she is the one thing I really admire in a girl, she’s consistent. I reread the book after about fifteen years and I find that the hero to me is Eddie Willers. In Ayn Rand’s opinion, I believe it would probably be Dagney Taggert. I am astounded at how I’ve changed in fifteen years. Fifteen years ago, I felt that this book represented my world view and what I aspired to be. Today, I find the book represents my world view and I am a complete failure. I have more in common with the demonized moochers and looters than I have with the various heroes of the book. Am I proud of it? No. Am I going to make weak excuses as to the reasons I am this way. Absolutely. I’m Bipolar. I have brain damage. My cortisol levels are low. I’m an alcoholic and of course, my favorite…. I have been sick at various levels on and off since I was fourteen. I have been tired my whole life. Now, here is the negative result of me reading this book. It astounds me that I would put these excuses up for the world to see,  but I know that nobody is going to read this. I’ve gotten various bots posting things but that’s it…. I hereby resolve to quit using my illnesse(For three weeks, it’s been bronchitis) as an excuse to not go off of my medication. Now, those of you in the peanut gallery may be saying, that’s not a good idea. I assure you that if I want to become a productive member of society, I need to go off these meds, so here’s the plan. A)Quit coffee by Saturday, B) Start wheedling back on meds by Monday. C) Keep exercising every day and D) Remember that to be a productive member of society may be the most rebellious thing I could do these days. Freedom in Christ is the only freedom there is. Amen


I threw a book away.

I always respect the first amendment and the freedom to express ideas. I always work hard to explain that Tipper Gore  has the right to protest a record label and it is not censorship. It is an exceptional example of free speech. I was really disappointed when Cop Killer  was taken off the Body Count  album. I completely support Walmart’s right to have an alternative nonexplicit album. The understanding of free speech in this country is convoluted. You have a right to say what you want, when you want, and not have the government interfere when you suffer the natural consequences. There are always consequences for speech. Shouting Fire or boring someone to death with your rambling are both big ones. John Stuart Mill understood these things and I recommend On Liberty  to anyone who can read and think at the same time. On that note, I tried to read a book on Marx by Marxists and suffered through half of the book. I simply do not live in the same reality as these people and they are harder to understand than David Lynch. I tried to read Exploitation. A collection of essays dedicated to the philosophy and production theory of Karl Marx. I read Das Kapital and it was easier than this was. I understand that the people who wrote this are very intelligent. There is no doubt in my mind about that. They are also very wrong. In the grand scheme of things, if I no longer want a book, I deliver it to the library and they sell it to raise funds to buy new books. It’s a system I like. It makes me feel good about getting rid of crap I don’t want in my house. But, I surely do not want a book written by the intelligentsia falling into the hands of a fool who understands just enough to be convinced by these people. I will by no means ask that this book be pulled off of shelves where people can get it. I just won’t be the one to put it there.

Atlas Moves his Feet and Accidentally Drops The Whole Thing.


This thought is incomplete. Atlas Shrugged has been on my mind. I just started rereading it. I haven’t seen the movie, but I heard it was good. When I first started reading it, Clinton was in office…. I shuddered when I felt the book was prophetic. I held Clinton in contempt and the book seemed feasible. Here I am nary twenty years later and I find that Obama resembles the dumb asses in the book. I know not a deep informative analysis of the book, but there it is. I also keep having this image of The Fool Tarot Card except in my head it is Obama that has a dog nipping at his heels, he’s smiling as he looks to the sun and not noticing as he steps off a cliff destroying him but he has a rope connected to America and he’s dragging us with him.

I just want to make a Wiener joke….

Alas, the Daily Show has come up with the best ones already. In my opinion, problems in this world abound….The Weather,….The War(s)….The Economy and the National Debt….Ignorance….Touchy Feely stuff I don’t care about….Looming Biblical Apocalyptic Prophecy….Some surprises the prophets didn’t tell us about….The undermining of the constitution and Bill of Rights….Undermining of Property and Privacy rights…The Lack of Interest in finding the answers to Life, The Universe and Everything…Nuclear Arms attached to the wrong hands….Terror…The Out of Control Regulatory Agencies(This means you NTSB and EPA…FDA…etc.) …Out of Control Legislative, Judicial, and Executive Powers….Lack of support for Israel…French People….Incomplete summaries of what is wrong with the world!!! I have no fears of only one thing, The Jewish Conspiracy to Control The world. And French Attack Helicopters. I am saddened by Glenn Beck leaving Fox News. I fear Haarp, or is that Aarp, not sure. But, in closing, I do think in this world of mass media that God gives us purpose. This purpose may be a single moment in contrast to lengthy periods of seeming lack of purpose. I say this in reference to Rep. Wiener. It just makes me chuckle..,.That may be a seemingly small purpose, but it is purpose.

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