Alice: Madness Returns, LA Noire and Catherine

I know that Alice has got to be one of the most original mind blowing games I have ever played. It is psychically dark, intense, and fun simultaneously, It is fresh. Now while I enjoy  LA Noire,  not dark intense and barely captures the imagination with new ideas. It’s slow and not really worthy of the Rockstar name. Now, I may just be upset about the free T-shirt they promised me, but although the story telling technique is new and innovative, it kind of sucks. Red Dead Redemption  was a much better game as every  GTA since III,   As was Bully.   In fact, LA Noire  is the only  Rockstar game in fifteen years not to knock me completely off my feet. Back to Alice, I didn’t play the first one because it was PC and I didn’t have one ’til recently. I love this Alice. I have never seen a game so twisted. No Resident Evil(though three was good), Silent Hill, Dead Space  horror game can compare to twisted Alice. In conclusion, I have a very limited video game budget. I got these games because of their promised innovation. I am really excited about Catherine because it’s supposed to be a psycho sexual thriller, which I’ve never seen in a video game. After that, Back to  ICO, and Saint’s Row: The Third


About zonkedout1

Am currently residing in Buffalo, WY. Interests include politics, religion, history and some philosophy. Just like everybody else. Am well read but can't remember any of the books. Am 35 yrs. old, hope to catch up to that in emotional age very, very soon. Have had health issues my whole life. Wish me luck with that one.

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