I have just finished Bayonetta. It is an awesome game. I never play new games because they cost so much but if I was to give a review for Bayonetta, It would be a five thumbs up game. I seriously enjoyed the cut scenes and the full on action throughout the game. It was not a game so difficult that no one could finish it and it was reasonably good game play. The camera action was a little slow but that was my only complaint. Seriously Good Game. In it, you’re a witch, killing angels. Lines between good and evil were blurred and the game made an initially irritating title character into someone you could sympathize with. You get consistent cartoon sideboob and for me that’s a plus. I like hot, sexy cartoons….so sue me. I loved this game.  Next, I will take on LA NOIRE!. I have Alice and Catherine on pre order. I have never pre-ordered a game before. This is so cool.


About zonkedout1

Am currently residing in Buffalo, WY. Interests include politics, religion, history and some philosophy. Just like everybody else. Am well read but can't remember any of the books. Am 35 yrs. old, hope to catch up to that in emotional age very, very soon. Have had health issues my whole life. Wish me luck with that one.

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