Atlas Moves his Feet and Accidentally Drops The Whole Thing.


This thought is incomplete. Atlas Shrugged has been on my mind. I just started rereading it. I haven’t seen the movie, but I heard it was good. When I first started reading it, Clinton was in office…. I shuddered when I felt the book was prophetic. I held Clinton in contempt and the book seemed feasible. Here I am nary twenty years later and I find that Obama resembles the dumb asses in the book. I know not a deep informative analysis of the book, but there it is. I also keep having this image of The Fool Tarot Card except in my head it is Obama that has a dog nipping at his heels, he’s smiling as he looks to the sun and not noticing as he steps off a cliff destroying him but he has a rope connected to America and he’s dragging us with him.


About zonkedout1

Am currently residing in Buffalo, WY. Interests include politics, religion, history and some philosophy. Just like everybody else. Am well read but can't remember any of the books. Am 35 yrs. old, hope to catch up to that in emotional age very, very soon. Have had health issues my whole life. Wish me luck with that one.

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