My Series Of Happy Health Surprises

My area of interest tends to be politics so I expected this to be a political blog that nobody read, but my first post comes to me in a state of frustration. It will be a single health blog to be unread among many an unread political blog. I have, for seven months, been trying to recover from what my psychiatric medication has been doing to me. I have been seeing a naturapath¬†, exercising consistently, dieting and living cleaner than I have ever lived. Lo, in March, I found that I have Estradiol levels that are very high for a man. So, after the diet, exercise, etc., I have a thinner body, but man boobs and love handles that won’t go away. So, I jump online. I delve into the many secrets, symptoms and natural treatments for high estradiol levels. I take DIM during the day, ZMA at night and hope that all is well with the world. Yesterday, I find after trying to remedy these things myself, I also have dangerously low cortisol levels and my estradiol levels have risen by roughly 30%. I am immersed in the study of treating cortisol levels and if it is anywhere near as successful as I was at treating my estradiol levels, I may quit getting out of bed. No one wants to hear this, so, I’m lucky no one will read it. I don’t trust doctors, but I may have to give them another try. I am up a creek. In politics, how bout that Wiener?


About zonkedout1

Am currently residing in Buffalo, WY. Interests include politics, religion, history and some philosophy. Just like everybody else. Am well read but can't remember any of the books. Am 35 yrs. old, hope to catch up to that in emotional age very, very soon. Have had health issues my whole life. Wish me luck with that one.

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